Correlation is not Causation is a blog about health, fitness, nutrition, and wellness.  Started in early 2009, it is the result of our personal exploration and growth, and a direct response to many requests from friends and family to write down all the things we’ve been learning and exploring.  Currently there are three of us writing here, and all of us practice the principles we discuss on the blog.

Many other friends and family members have had great results following our recommendations as well.  That being said, please keep in mind none of us are medical professionals and are not responsible for anything that may result from anyone following our suggestions.  Our credibility should be no more or less than the sources from which we’re deriving our information, and those original sources should be what you do or do not trust.  Please do not just take our words on any of this.  My most sincere goal is to get people to take responsibility for their own health and to decide for themselves what is or isn’t really healthy; to get people to take a closer look at why we believe what we do and ask if we should continue to do so, or if there are other, better explanations and solutions.  I hope no one does anything just because we suggest it, but that they do so because they follow up on the suggestion, take a look at the science and the sources, and decide for themselves.

More about the authors:

Lowell:  That’s me.  I like to think I bring something of a kitchen sink approach to subjects; I like to know a lot about everything, and tend to be rather obsessive in my learning.  I’ve spent time in physics, electrical engineering, math, computer science, biology, chemistry, pre-med, music, and lots of other disciplines.  My official degree is in Computer Science, and I’ve been working at Microsoft since early 2003.  I’m currently a member of the HealthVault team.  I’ve been in great shape, I’ve been in terrible shape, I’ve followed the traditional advice to the letter and I’ve ignored it completely.  My experience with health and wellness has ranged widely over the last 10 years, but recently things have gotten fun.  When I joined HealthVault I met some great people, and the personal discussions we’ve had (unrelated to our day jobs– this isn’t anything that Microsoft or HealthVault endorses) have turned me on to some other great sources… which has led to an ongoing journey into health and medical research.  I’ve taken ownership of my own health and feel better than I ever have before.  I’ve lost a ton of weight and every marker of health has improved.  I’ve been shocked by how much confusion and misinformation is out there, and how many easy things can be done to improve almost every aspect of your health.  Hopefully together we can shake off some of the misguided orthodoxy that currently rules modern thinking and help bring to light some of the ways to live a better life.

Alton: Lowell’s brother.  He brings a more philosophical take on things, having studied it both formally and informally.

Cailyn: Lowell’s wife and occasional contributor to this blog, she spends more of her time writing her own knitting blog, The Daily Skein.  Often Cailyn will be the first to read new books or studies, and she’s been the source of many of the best ideas and suggestions for the rest of us.

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